educatedfish: Hhmm that sounds good. Im guessing the people dorming are sociable? Because the school I go to have dorms and what not but no is sociable and no one really talks to eachother -.- 

It’s honestly as sociable as you make it, you can sit in your room and make a few friends slowly, or you can attend a bunch of the hall events and get to know lots of people. From my experience, the dorms are sociable not matter where you go!

educatedfish: I enjoy the weather but after a while its just, eh. And hhmm sounds good. Would you happen to know how the dorms are? Like how big the part where the dorms are and if a lot of people dorm or not. Stuff like that. 

I’m actually currently in the dorms, and this is my second year doing so. The interesting thing about Madison is that our dorms are sort of split up, some are on the Lakeshore, it’s quieter and by the lake, and some are in Southeast, where all the hustle-and-bustle of the campus is. Obviously, which dorm area you would prefer is up to your tastes, but since i’m a hermit and I don’t go to parties or anything like that, I’ve chosen the lakeshore. I’d say most all freshman dorm, a lot of sophomores, and then a few juniors/seniors. 
Madison has dorms of varying price, the ones with an extra fee tacked on have AC, much bigger rooms, and they’re just nicer overall. I’ve been staying in the normal-priced rooms and I honestly think they’re a pretty good deal for being a dorm room (but then that depends on the dorm you’re in, some may be a little smaller than others). Most upperclassmen don’t stay in the dorms because they are pretty expensive overall, somewhere around $7,000 total for the year, so apartments can save you a LITTLE money, if you do it right that is. But I feel since this would be your first time on campus, the social aspect of the dorms would be a lot nicer, you don’t really get to know a whole lot of people in apartments

educatedfish: That sounds so perfect. I would love to go to a school where its mostly cold :) ahah does the school run in semester's or quarter's? 

That’s rather rare to hear from someone who spends their time in warm weather, go you!
It’s by semesters, September-Dec 20ish for the first and January 20th or so until May 20ish

educatedfish: I get you. Ive lived in Hawaii and California so I understand that. But thats great! The other colleges ive been to are always secluded from the city you could say. But hmm, hows the weather over there? Im kind of tired of hot weather haha 

Well then I think the environment would fit you (:
and haha, at this point in the year, you don’t have to worry about heat. In the summer, the weather is perfectly around upper 80s, and fall hovers around 50-upper 60’s. Our winters can get pretty brutal, getting to -20 at times and tons and tons and tons of snow. Despite that, as long as you dress appropriately, it’s all bearable. 

educatedfish: Thats perfect! Whale, I guess my first question would be is what is UW is located around, like around a modern city or just some random city you could say? 

It’s definitely a modern city, it’s the capitol of Wisconsin. The cool thing is that it feels like the city was built around the campus, so you don’t have to take a bus to get to stores or restaurants, you can just walk. There is a section of the city called State Street, it’s lined with shops and the main strip is off limits to cars and it leads straight to the capitol building, it’s really really awesome! It’s a busy city, but not in an uncomfortable way, if you get what I mean?

educatedfish: Thats great thank you! Sorry if my questions sound ignorant you could say. I literally have no idea whats over there in Wisconsin or the state's around it haha 

That’s okay! I love talking about my school, and I have plenty of out-of-state friends that were like this ;)

educatedfish: Hello! So I noticed that you go to UWM and I'm very interested in perhaps transferring their but I have no idea how the campus is and the surroundings. And I was wondering if maybe I could ask you a couple of questions? 

You absolutely can! Ask away!


When everyone wants a good time


When shit gets personal

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okay Nintendo but consider this: i don’t have money

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Can we just talk about the movie Shrek for a second here?

Here we see the three bears in a cage, the baby bear is crying that it’s too small.image 
Now, back at Shreks swamp we see the baby bear still crying to his father, yet he’s not in a cage, Where’s his mother?image

Later on, it shows Lord Farquaads castle and it shows the Mother bear skinned and turned into a rug.image


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